At our 2022 compassion keynote, we are excited to host Dr Stan Steindl, who will open the symposium with his talk 'The Gifts of Compassion, and Making Them Count.'
Dr Stan Steindl is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice at Psychology Consultants Pty Ltd, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at School of Psychology, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. He is also co-director of the UQ Compassionate Mind Research Group.
How can we move towards an ever more compassionate society? How can we nurture and activate our own compassionate motivation, as well as inspire others? And what can we do to tap into this compassion motivation when, as surprising as it may sound, people can experience difficult blocks to compassionate action?
Drawing on personal experience, clinical anecdotes, ancient wisdom and recent research, Stan will explore compassion motivation and action, and take a practical look at just what might move us in a helpful direction. Anchored in the integrative, evolutionary-based, biopsychosocial model of the compassionate mind pioneered by Professor Paul Gilbert, Stan will offer a framework of self-reflection and planning to bring awareness to the gifts of compassion, and making them count through a deep and sustainable commitment to be helpful towards ourselves and others, to try to alleviate and prevent suffering, and to promote psychological wellbeing and flourishing wherever possible.
About Compassion Symposium
This cross-disciplinary symposium is designed to bring together academics, clinicians, researchers, and students from different disciplines within The University of Queensland and from the community, to present on how compassion is or could be a part of their research, studies, or practice.
The compassion symposium consists of the free keynote address, and the full-day conference.

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