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BrisScience: artificial intelligence – the science behind the hype (in person)

9 October 2023 6:30pm7:30pm
UQ's Associate Professor Marcus Gallagher explores how AI got to this point and discusses some of the major advances and challenges in the field. Location: The Edge, State Library of Queensland, Stanley Place, South Bank

Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series: ‘Zeus under the blue gums – a wander through Ancient Greece’ (in person)

8 October 2023 2:00pm4:00pm
For our next Sunday Series presentation, Con O’Brien (committee member, Queensland Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute) will reflect on the myths associated with sites in the classical world, and how these places and stories might be experienced by the Betty Fletcher Memorial Travelling Scholar.

INDIEOPIA: UQ Union's indie music festival

6 October 2023 3:00pm9:00pm
‘INDIEOPIA’ is the inaugural Indie Music Festival held by The University of Queensland Union on October 6th 2023. The music festival caters to all music fans, particularly for our current UQ students and alumni. We’ve featured a diverse line-up that features musicians who are currently popular in the Australian Indie Music Scene.

UQ ChangeMakers: the ultimate life-hacks of successful innovators (online)

5 October 2023 6:00pm7:00pm
How do entrepreneurs harness the self-belief needed to make the impossible possible? UQ ChangeMakers brings together a panel of impressive alumni from the start-up space to talk about how they succeeded against the odds, and to share their advice for unlocking the productivity and drive to achieve ambitious goals.

2023 Ed Conrad Memorial Lecture (in person)

5 October 2023 4:45pm7:00pm
This lecture focuses on the many ‘lives’ of Mary Magdalene as these have been imagined and reimagined within the Christian tradition. It explores the ‘idea’ of the Magdalene in the New Testament, her cult and her relics in the Medieval East and West, and her legacy in the modern West. Location: Room 212, Sir Llew Edwards Building (14), UQ St Lucia

German-Australian science and innovation day

5 October 2023 2:00pm6:00pm
Join us Thursday 5 October from 2-6pm for an afternoon of inspiring presentations, panel discussions, new opportunities, and networking at the German-Australian Science and Innovation Day. This event is part of Brisbane German Week 1-11 October celebrating international partnerships and collaborations. Location: Customs House

Global Connections: October 2023

4 October 2023 9:30am27 October 2023 6:30pm
Join us for the final Global Connections event in October and support your network in raising funds for UQ research and scholarships.

Language courses at The Atrium

3 October 2023 9:00am11 November 2023 5:00pm
Whether you want to travel the world, learn to speak a language, follow new interests or maintain your language skills, this new language class gives you, our alumni that opportunity to learn in a practical and supportive learning environment in the city. Limited spots, register now!

Postgraduate study advice sessions for alumni

1 October 2023 9:00am31 October 2023 5:00pm
The UQ Future Students team is offering bookable private postgraduate advice sessions for UQ graduates throughout the month of October. Book in and have a chat with the team to understand your pathway to further study or a completely new career. Consider your options early for a strong start to 2024!

Curatorial Tour: Mare Amoris | Sea of Love

30 September 2023 2:00pm4:00pm
Join a curatorial tour of "Mare Amoris | Sea of Love", delivered by exhibition curators Peta Rake, Jocelyn Flynn, and Isabella Baker.

The journey of charity law: the impact of past problems today and into the future (in person)

29 September 2023 8:00am4:30pm
This symposium seeks to bring together scholars to reflect on and critically engage with the legal, regulatory, and social implications of historical charity law traditions, and how these traditions impact how charities operate today. Location: Terrace Room, Level 6, Sir Llew Edwards Building, UQ St Lucia.

Global webinar for women founders: what keeps you up at night? (online)

28 September 2023 5:00pm6:30pm
Join the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and The University of Queensland (UQ), 28 September, for an honest conversation with women entrepreneurs from opposite sides of the globe. You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow founders, and discuss challenges and best practice on topics including networking and building a strategic network, raising funds, and building diverse teams.

Australia Battery Day (in person)

26 September 2023 9:00am5:00pm
This free, full day event includes presentations, panel discussions, networking opportunities and pitch sessions to promote opportunities and policies aligned with the rapid development of a successful advanced materials and battery sector in Australia. Location: Global Change Institute, The University of Queensland.

UQ-Latin American Colloquium

26 September 2023 7:30am11:30am
Themed, ‘powering Australia and Latin America toward a clean energy future’, the UQ-Latin American Colloquium will explore how our regions can work together to support clean, reliable and affordable energy systems. Location: Prentice Building (42), UQ St Lucia campus

Tides of Ocean: 2023 Live at UQ concert series (online and in person)

21 September 2023 1:00pm2:00pm
A concert that celebrates the choral sounds of some of our leading contemporary voices in a program that focusses on the ocean and the stars. It includes works by Ēriks Ešenvalds and Australians Stephen Leek, Matthew Orlovich, Andrew Schultz, and others.
Credit: Ludo Studios

The 66th Annual E.S. Meyers Memorial Lecture

17 September 2023 10:00am12:00pm
This year's lecture will be orated by Joe Brumm. The free annual lecture is held as a special tribute to the life of one of UQ Medicine's founding member and first Patron of the UQMS, Professor Errol Solomon Meyers, bringing together members of the medical, university and general community. Past speakers include Sir Edmund Hillary, Imran Khan and Li Cunxin. Location: Advanced Engineering Building, St Lucia campus

2023 Carolyn D. Baker Annual Memorial Lecture (in person)

15 September 2023 5:45pm8:00pm
The 2023 Carolyn D. Baker Annual Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Associate Professor Sarah Howard on Friday 15 September. Come along to explore the implications that generative AI has for future learning. Location: May Hancock Auditorium, The Women's College, UQ

2023 Lloyd Davis public lecture (in person)

14 September 2023 6:00pm8:00pm
In this one-off lecture Simon Palfrey offers a new vision of Shakespeare’s history of the world. It is an epic journey from prehistoric beginnings to a conflict-torn imminent present. An empire’s fall may weigh no more than a dropped handkerchief: and a dropped handkerchief no less.

2023 Rodney Wylie Lecture (Sydney)

14 September 2023 5:30pm8:00pm
The Rodney Wylie Eminent Visiting Fellowship Lectures brings a globally respected visitor to the University each year to provide intellectual leadership and engage with alumni and the community through its annual public lecture series. Join this year's guest speaker, Professor Sir Peter Donnelly as he addresses "The power and potential of genetics to improve healthcare". Location: Gallery Room, State Library NSW

UQ Talks: What 200 insect, animal and plant stings taught me about pain (in person)

12 September 2023 6:00pm8:00pm
Dr Sam Robinson has allowed himself to be stung by everything from stinging nettles to venomous centipedes - in a personal quest to better understand pain. Join Dr Robinson for this UQ Talk to learn about how and why stinging occurs in nature, the different flavours of pain and why venom might be the key to discovering new treatments for conditions like diabetes and chronic pain. Location: Queensland Museum

Get ready for ilab 2024

11 September 2023 4:00pm14 September 2023 5:00pm
Take your venture to the next level with our ilab Accelerator program. Applications close soon!

Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series: the children of Athens – the armed forces of democratic Athens

10 September 2023 2:00pm4:00pm
Associate Professor David Pritchard will examine the armed forces, their legal status, social background, recruitment and subsequent mobilisation, along with the history and organisation of each corps. In treating the four branches together for the first time, he reveals the common practices that the Athenian people used to manage the armed forces, and the common assumptions that were brought to this management. Location: St Lucia campus

VOYAGES (in person)

10 September 2023 2:00pm4:00pm
Voyages celebrates the thrill of journey making with Marco Bellasi leading The University of Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Experience the Australian premiere of new music from Hawai’i inspired by ancient Polynesian sea farers, scale the heights of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, and revel in the story of triumph over adversity in Saint Saëns’ Organ Symphony. Location: Concert Hall, QPAC

Brisbane Festival 2023 at UQ

9 September 2023 12:00pm3:00pm
Get ready to be enthralled as the UQ School of Music and the acclaimed Camerata orchestra weave together enchanting melodies that will resonate through the heart of our campus. From classical crescendos to contemporary harmonies, this collaboration promises a musical experience that transcends time and genre.

2023 Fryer Lecture in Australian literature: An extraordinary cohort: Johnians and others at UQ, 1918-1922 (in-person)

8 September 2023 5:30pm7:00pm
2023 Fryer Lecture in Australian Literature - Learn about the talented cohort of UQ students emerging from the shadows of WWI. Location: St John's College Chapel, University of Queensland St Lucia campus.