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Ross Maclean Race Day (in person)

4 May 2022 12:00pm5:00pm
This fantastic event is sponsored by the Index Group to help raise awareness and funds for MND research at the Queensland Brain Institute. All funds raised support the Ross Maclean Fellowship, which was established in 2004 by the late Ross Maclean and his family to raise funds to fight this devastating disease.


Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series: The Shellal Mosaic: Archaeological, Textual and Visual Traditions (in person)

2 May 2021 2:30pm4:30pm
Join James Donaldson, Senior Museum Officer at the RD Milns Antiquities Museum as he presents "The Shellal Mosaic: Archaeological, Textual and Visual Traditions."

UQ United Kingdom alumni webinar: "The future of networking" (online)

29 April 2021 7:00pm7:45pm
Please note that this event will take place as a webinar for UQ Alumni at 7.00pm (UK time zone) on 29 April. All UQ alumni from other locations are also welcome to attend.

UQ MBA Information Evening (in person)

21 April 2021 5:30pm7:30pm
At the UQ MBA Information Evening, we will show you how our MBA develops global leaders of the future. We’ll provide valuable insight into the key features of our MBA including flexible study options, exclusive international exchanges, real consulting projects and our dedicated MBA Careers and Professional Development Team.

Clean energy innovations in Australia and Canada (online)

21 April 2021 9:00am10:30am
From the supply of critical materials to sustainable land and water usage, if we don’t start transitioning at greater speeds and in larger quantities to renewable energy systems, the human race may find itself with nothing left.

Distinguished Speaker Series: Warrick Cramer (in person)

21 April 2021 7:00am9:00am
The Liveris Academy is proud to welcome Warrick Cramer, former CEO of Tomorrow Street, Vodafone's Global Centre for Innovation in Europe, as a special guest at our first Distinguished Speaker Series breakfast.
Be tax smart

Get Finance Fit: Be tax smart (online)

20 April 2021 6:00pm7:00pm
Join us for our most popular UQ young alumni online series this year with a four part series focussing on educating young professionals about personal finance and wealth creation.
Bee on white flower

3T Events: Native bees in Brisbane and how to care for them (in person)

20 April 2021 10:00am12:00pm
Join us for the first 3T event of the year as we explore the weird and wonderful secrets of the biology, ecology and evolution of the stingless bees.

Domestic Postgraduate Advice Sessions (online or in person)

19 April 2021 9:00am24 April 2021 6:00pm
This is your opportunity to schedule a personalised, one-to-one session with a postgraduate coursework study advisor. Have a chat and ask any questions that you might have about starting program choices, eligibility, fees, flexibility, or life as a postgraduate coursework student at UQ.

Ventures ilab Accelerator Pitch Night (in person)

14 April 2021 6:00pm8:00pm
UQ is excited to present the latest cohort to complete the intensive Ventures ilab Accelerator program.

Planting success for feeding the world (online)

12 April 2021 6:30pm7:15pm
Join us for BrisScience at home. Even the largest crop breeding companies are wondering how to meet demands for food supply given a projected 25% increase in global population over the next 30 years. How can we do it sustainably without destroying more land?

Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series: Intrepid Lady Adventurers on the Nile (in person)

11 April 2021 2:00pm4:00pm
Join award-winning Australian author and UQ alumnus, Pamela Rushby as she presents "Intrepid Lady Adventurers on the Nile".

The Global Connection (online and in person)

8 April 2021 6:00pm9 April 2021 9:00am
The Global Connection is a series of informal meet-ups held regularly around the world. First launched in 2014 by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, the Global Connection is now open to all UQ Alumni who would like to attend.

TERN Webinar Series: The Australian sea-change phenomenon – an ecosystem monitoring perspective (online)

7 April 2021 3:00pm4:00pm
Given our high dependence on and use of coastal areas, we need to better understand reasons for and rates of change within them. It is essential we collect and make accessible ecosystem data for research and management to understand the nature of changes to our coastal ecosystems and to report and most importantly forecast their trajectory.

UQ Sport Kids Autumn Holiday Tennis Programs

6 April 2021 9:15am9 April 2021 3:15pm
Stuck for entertainment during the Autumn School Holidays? Sign your child up for UQ Sport Kids Tennis Coaching programs.

Thought Leadership Webinar: Navigating the trust challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) (online)

25 March 2021 5:00pm6:00pm
From enhanced healthcare to ridesharing apps – investment and adoption of AI is increasing exponentially, with many potential benefits to both businesses and society. However, with increased uptake has come greater awareness of the risks and trust challenges associated with AI systems.

Soils for Science Launch at World Science Festival (online and in person)

24 March 2021 11:00am28 March 2021 10:00pm
Soils For Science, working in coordination with Microbes Australia, will provide Australian home and land owners, schools, community, social and sporting groups and others, with educational material on antibiotics and antibiotic discovery through a website and mobile app, and soil sampling kit.

Ancient History Day 2021 (in person)

20 March 2021 8:30am4:00pm
The Friends of Antiquity, in conjunction with The Discipline of Classics and Ancient History (School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, UQ), present the 26th Annual Ancient History Day. This year's theme is Spectacle.
Image of Kate Grenville

UQ Book Club: Joan Makes History (online)

18 March 2021 7:30pm8:30pm
Join our host Associate Professor Stephen Carleton as he discusses Joan Makes History with author, Kate Grenville.

ChangeMakers – Black Lives Matter: the Australian context (online)

17 March 2021 6:00pm7:15pm
In the aftermath of the public death of George Floyd in the USA last May, millions of outraged citizens around the world took to the streets to protest a range of longstanding and systemic issues related to human rights, social justice and race relations.

UQ-UBC Global Impact Series - Addressing Indigenous health inequalities (online)

17 March 2021 9:00am10:00am
The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia and the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada share a powerful vision to deliver world-class teaching and research outcomes that will create lasting positive change.

QBI Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trek (in person)

11 March 2021 8:00am11:45pm
Join the QBI Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trek to help raise money for the Alastair Rushworth Fund, which supports a PhD student conducting dementia research at the Queensland Brain Institute.

Zoonoses and pandemics – preparing for the big one (online)

8 March 2021 6:30pm7:15pm
As a zoonotic – animal-to-human – disease specialist, UQ’s Professor Nigel Perkins is using the World Health Organisation’s 'One Health' platform to help avoid the next pandemic.

Gatton Campus Reunion for the Sunshine Coast (in person)

6 March 2021 11:30am2:00pm
Join us for this UQ Gatton Past Students Association reunion on the Sunshine Coast. To register, contact Kim Jorgensen, email:
UQ Young Alumni launch party (in person)

UQ young alumni welcome party (in person)

4 March 2021 6:00pm8:00pm
Join us for the UQ Young Alumni welcome party on Thursday, 4 March 2021. The new UQ Young Alumni Advisory Board looks forward to meeting you at our first social event of our 2021 calendar.

Colin Clark Memorial Lecture 2021: Professor Matthew Jackson, Stanford University (online)

4 March 2021 5:00pm6:00pm
How does information flow through a social network impact the functioning of a market? Matthew Jackson, Professor of Economics at Stanford University, will examine this question and many others.